How Computer Viruses Affect Business’s and How To Prevent Them


Computer viruses remain the most common security threat, with 75 percent of small and medium-sized businesses affected by at least one virus in the last year.  Worms and viruses can have a devastating effect on business continuity and profitability. Smarter, more destructive viruses are spreading faster than ever, infecting entire offices in seconds. Cleaning the infected computers takes much longer, and the process often results in lost orders, corrupted databases, and angry customers.

As businesses struggle to update their computers with the latest operating systems and antivirus software, new viruses can penetrate their defences at any time. Meanwhile, employees spread viruses and spyware by unwittingly accessing malicious Websites, downloading untrustworthy material, or opening e-mail attachments. These attacks are unintentionally invited into the organization, but can still cause significant financial losses.

Viruses can create minor damage or they can do severe destruction.  Computer viruses can; reduce memory space, damage disks, damage programs so that there are sudden failures or increase the startup time and run time, erase files, and also corrupt the computer itself by slowing the procedure down or changing the sequence of operations.

Ways to prevent computer viruses for business:

  1. Install a reliable anti-virus.
  2. Warn all staff members to avoid suspicious websites and not to download untrustworthy material.
  3. Never open email attachments without scanning them first.
  4. Update the business’s anti-virus software regularly.
  5. Install a firewall.

In conclusion, everyone in the business plays a part in preventing viruses to enter and corrupt the business’s information.  If staff members are careful and aware of the dangers of computer viruses on the internet and with their emails, the business is less likely to be attacked by computer viruses. Though the business must not forget the importance of anti-virus software, prevention is better than cure!


Obakeng Lesejane(742964)

Editing Partner: Sydney Nkosi(710095)

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